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Mid-sized FPV Drones

Industrial UAV Systems

No Prerequisites

​In-Person Course



Course Dates

Industrial UAV Systems
March 4 - April 10
5pm - 7pm
12 Sessions


  • Fundamentals of FPV freestyle drones

  • Drone frame selection and assembly

  • Motor and ESC selection and installation

  • Flight controllers and firmware

  • Camera and video transmission

  • Radio Transmission and Receiver system

  • Propeller selection

  • Power distribution and battery management

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance

This course focuses on advanced techniques and technical knowledge required for UAV design and operation and is structured as a compliment to the Micro UAV Systems course. Both are considered entry level and cover similar material but in different application.


Throughout this learning experience, you'll acquire in-depth knowledge about frame designs, motors and ESCs, working with flight controllers, managing camera transmission, and effectively troubleshooting any potential issues that may arise..

Please note that while this course is designed for beginners, it does progressively cover complex topics. Many find this intriguing and enjoyable, but it's not always for everyone.


Course Overview

Critical Information

To avoid misconceptions, we've put together a list detailing the goals and expectations of the course. Many people have seen the "assisted navigation" type vehicles and incorrectly believe that is what we're working with in class. This is for all our UAV courses.

Students will learn to build from the component level.

There will be a great deal of soldering involved in the course. Mostly wires to small pads around 1mm square.


These vehicles are designed to be manually operated, which does require a fair amount of practice.

The components of these vehicles are typically very cutting edge new technology. Students should not expect to find materials or equipment as part of a kit.

These are not made by the same manufacturer nor do they have detailed interoperability diagrams. Therefore step-by-step, or the clearest of instructions is not at all expected.


Final Words

Drone technology offers a unique learning experience, blending creativity and technical expertise. The immersive nature of FPV (First Person View) allows learners to explore new environments, encouraging technological exploration, modification, and innovation. 

Your skill in fabrication and configuration plays a crucial role in becoming a proficient FPV drone operator. Beyond physical flying skills, a properly tuned and configured quadcopter is essential for achieving optimal flight performance.


Operators need to understand the intricacies of the drone's components, such as motors, ESCs, flight controllers, and firmware to ensure they are all functioning harmoniously.

But by mastering the fabrication and configuration process, operators can customize their drones to suit their specific flying style, improving stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness.


This synergy between fabrication, configuration, and piloting skills ultimately leads to a more precise and enjoyable flight experience.


Course Dates

Industrial UAV Systems
March 4 - April 10
5pm - 7pm
12 Sessions

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