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Collaborative Design using Persistent Online Environments

Metaverse Foundations

No Prerequisites


In Person Course



Metaverse - An immersive digital space that allows for remote collaboration and innovation in diverse industries by simulating physical and often persistent environments.


Nvidia Omniverse Create - Yes, this is digital as well as a playable game demo

Metaverse Foundations is a 40-hour course designed to teach students how to develop 3D assets and create immersive virtual environments for NVIDIA Omniverse and Unreal Engine using Blender 3D design software. The goal of this course is to develop practical skills in creating realistic assets and environments for virtual world creation.

Throughout this course, students will create numerous 3D models to fill the virtual world that they will design.


These models will be curated in a simple worlds built in Omniverse Create and Unreal Engine.


Unreal Engine Interface


From the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo

The course will also cover photorealistic graphics, lighting, sound effects, and character movement, which will enhance the three-dimensional effect of the virtual environments.


Software like Unreal Engine, Omniverse Create, Blender, and Twinmotion can be utilized in the ArchViz (Architectural Visualization) process to create realistic and immersive virtual environments.


Twinmotion Interface

Unreal Engine 5 - Is it Ready to Build the Metaverse?

This is a practical introduction to the concept of "Metaverses" and their development in Unreal Engine. It is a couple years old but all the points are valid.

ship wheel finished - blender solid view.PNG

Model from our Blender Industrial Design Course

With UE and Create, one can quickly and efficiently create 3D models, textures, lighting effects and photorealistic renders of virtual environments, while Blender and Twinmotion allow for an intuitive and user-friendly interface for 3D visualizations and rendering.

Leveraging these software tools enables faster design of virtual spaces that simulate real-life environments.


Along with collaborative elements, designers, architects, and other professionals can showcase their ideas and concepts with ease.


Omniverse Create Interface


HP Reverb VR System - This or similar used in class

With advancements in 3D design software, virtual and augmented reality technologies, the opportunities in the metaverse concept will continue to expand, providing new prospects for work, study, socialization, entertainment, and commerce.

And of course Artificial Intelligence is playing a part in this workflow. We'll use AI generated images in class as reference imagery for models or entire scenes.


AI generated design created just now for this page


VR Megahit Half-life Alyx

As these technologies continue to advance at staggering pace, the future achievements of even the next year seem incomprehensible.

Our fundamental goal is to help focus individuals that are interested in being a part of this emerging digital landscape.


Course Dates

We're running the first class online but future classes will be in person and we'll be using shop tools to produce our designs.

* Class is Full *

Blender Industrial Design
July 11 - Aug
5pm - 7pm
T, Th
12 Session

* This is a special ONLINE session

More will be scheduled after September


  • Blender Mesh-Based Modeling

  • Blender Modifiers

  • Shading and Texturing

  • Lighting

  • Animation

  • Rigging

  • Motion capture services

  • Omniverse Nucleus Server

  • Omniverse Create

  • Unreal Engine PC and VR World Creation

  • Quixel

  • Nanite

  • Lumen

  • Modular Building Design

Course Dates

First class will be scheduled soon for September!

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You can register by phone between 9am and 4pm PDT

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Registering Online

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NOTE - All our classes fall under "Special Topics: Manufacturing".

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