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Published 2024-3-26

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Article on the emergence of the Industrial Metaverse. Sponsored by Siemens for


AI Vocals - Creation and Tuning

Doctor Mix - March 22 - 2024

My takeaway from this is the vocal tuning ability and how AI software is used as a tool and not a simple drag and drop replacement that will ruin creativity and/or human interaction.


I look at topics on this like what is your end goal; making a song or physically being a specific musician. Yes this will have an effect on human singers employment, but it will also create more jobs for composers.

Drum Machines, orchestral patches on synths, auto-tune, grid timing alignment, and even simple accepted effects like reverb are all simulations for ease of creation, which (arguably) haven't ended musical creativity. 

Unreal Engine 5’s Biggest New Features


Massive innovations coming to the UE ecosystem.


New fabric simulation, Unreal Engine for Fortnite updates, Metahumans, collaboration with Disney, motion matching animation system, and of course more...

Making a Miniature Foam Hut

Uploaded Aug 8, 2023

This is video from Black Magic Craft that shows an art style I've been spending a lot of time on lately. 



Sam from Look Mum No Computer massively modifies an old tape delay. So much work for such a seemly silly thing that actually comes out fairly awesome.

Waymo Self Driving Car Ride

Uploaded Aug 7, 2023

There are other videos out there of course but this is an artist/welder I follow and his car was broke so he filmed his journey.



I need a thing so I got to designing.

Complete build was under two hours.

An Interview With Former Star Wars Modeler Lorne Peterson


In line with my upcoming course on crafting, cosplay and prop making, I thought I'd like to show this interview with a person who's made a very long career out of making fake objects.

The Art of Replication Course Page

PCB Motors


This is an interesting project from Carl Bugeja where he designs small motors from spiral PCB traces.


This is also a great tutorial on Brushless DC Motors we use on Multirotors and other robot vehicles.

Audio Project


I'm using an online physics simulator to help design a better studio recording room.



This is an old youtube video but it's a good explanation of a new project and hopefully new course I'm working on. For those that don't know, A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is a mechanical device that applies a controlled force to a material to perform various tests and measure the resulting deformation or strain.

I plan to use this as in the video for testing 3d print materials and shapes as well as composites structures.

AI Language Model NPCs

Uploaded June 15 2023

AI Language Model is the name for what most of us know as an AI chatbot. Like ChatGPT or DeepAI.


This ability has just been introduced in a video game context for all the bots. So to the point, you can talk with all the game people...

RC Car into Omniverse

Uploaded June 1 2023

This is good practical example of what you use omniverse for. It's a long video but Omniverse is hard to explain in a simple statement.

Unreal Engine 5.2

Feature Highlights

Uploaded May 11 2023

This shows off some of the new features in Unreal Engine.


I'm also adding this here for those who've never seen this development engine before.

Unreal Engine for Fortnite

Uploaded March 22 2023

So this may seem somewhat odd for here, but UE just release a version of their editor specifically for the game Fortnite.


Fortnite is a huge Multiverse type system and has many users. Many younger people (and older) learning to design assets and build in a multiverse seems to me to be a great introduction to industrial multiverses in the future.


Architectural Visualization

Uploaded Jan 5 2023

Many times when I'm talking to people about gaming engines and creating assets in Blender I forget that they might think I'm only talking about video games.

Look at this to see what you can do with Blender for ArchViz creations.

Unreal Engine - Metahumans

Uploaded Feb 10 2021

I'm adding this in June of 2023 because I want people to see what we are capable of doing now, and, at the time of this writing it's already two years old.


There are new things happening like using metahumans in film with real-time mocap and voice.

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