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Currently Scheduled CTECH Courses

Summer Quarter - 2024

For those that are new my area of the college, Online Self-Paced means that I have all the course material in an online training platform (Thinkific) where I've recorded videos, quizzes, and other text based material. You can work on that material whenever you like but you do need to finish before the course end date. Many "OSP" courses will have a class kit that you will need to make arraignments to pick up. If you're remote, I can ship you a kit if you pay for the shipping and give me a UPS QR code for the UPS location to scan. I really don't want to print labels. I currently have SMD Soldering, PCB Design, Intro to UAV Tech, all OSP. and I'm planning on several more. CATIA, Fusion 360, and Intro to Blender are on my short list.

This is a script I wrote many years ago to help me find what I need better.


The 'tube search is especially helpful now that "that site" is making so difficult to find what you need between all the shorts and "for you" content.

The MultiSearch is a script to search all the sites that you check.
Note - You need to hit "or" between each you want to use.

I do have some other multi-search script I may add to the main search page someday.

If you want to mark a page just for searching:

A Very Brief About...

My name is Damian Cianci and I work professionally and personally within many technology and artistic fields. F11 Research Labs was created as a focal for all my studies.


I've delivered technology courses at a local college for over two decades, contract aerospace designer, musician, audio engineering, as well as an avid collector of unfinished projects.

You may find a little of all of this within these pages.


Creative Technology


The programs here are delivered through a local college where we are known as the Creative Technology group, or simply "CTECH".

I've been the primary curriculum developer and instructor of this group for over twenty years.

Auto Virtual Reality

Not worried about credits...

Tablet Sketch

For those that are interested in learning specific skills but grading/credits is not a concern, there are several options.


Many skilled people are creating training programs and I'd like to create an aggregate for any I find valuable to our followers. I will continue to list these content creators as time goes by.

I believe this is the direction a lot of education is headed.

F11 Labs et al

As the content creator for many online media accounts across multiple platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and multiple websites, Damian Cianci also teaches several accredited college courses. This website serves as a hub for Damian's various projects as well as a focal point for anyone looking for training through his various sources.

Liquid Bubbles

Expanding minds for over two decades

Everyone learns better with hands-on training

Simulations, PowerPoints, and test coupons can only get you so far.

Building real products from design to fabrication will always bring out more nuanced details.

Any training F11 Labs delivers or recommends will have the goal of providing the most practical training possible.

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