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PCB Design

A beginner course on creating your own circuit boards

No Prerequisites



Course Dates

PCB Design
Feb 20 - March 28
2:30 - 4:30pm
T, Th
12 Sessions

This class will be In-Person at the WATR Center but will also have an online companion site for those that can't always make it in person.


  • Introduction to PCB Design and KiCad

  • Basic Electronic Components

  • Schematic Design

  • Circuit Simulation

  • PCB Layout

  • Library Management

  • Design Considerations

  • Design Rule Check (DRC)

  • Copper Pour and Plane Design

  • Gerber File Generation

  • PCB Assembly and Testing

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Design Documentation

  • Project Work

This is an introductory course in PCB Design using the KiCad Electronic Design Application (EDA) software. Students will learn the fundamentals of electronic components, schematic design, and PCB layout. They will also gain practical knowledge in design considerations, DRC, gerber file generation, and PCB assembly. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on effective design techniques and industry best practices.


The schematic design section of the course provides students with essential skills in creating organized and visually appealing electronic schematics.


Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, students will learn how to accurately represent and connect electronic components, ensuring that their designs are clear and easily comprehensible.

The PCB layout section of the course provides students with the skills to transform their electronic schematics into functional and manufacturable printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to effectively place components, route traces, and optimize the layout for signal integrity and manufacturability.

Board Layout

Course Overview

After completing the PCB layout and finalizing the design, students will learn how to export their design files in the required format, such as Gerber files, to ensure compatibility with fabrication services.


They will then gain hands-on experience navigating the process of uploading their files to a fabrication service, allowing them to understand the requirements and costs involved in sending their designs for professional manufacturing.

Once the students' PCBs are finished with the fabrication process, they will move on to the final stage which involves assembling their designs and soldering all the components onto the PCBs.


This hands-on process will give them an opportunity to put their PCB knowledge into practice, as they carefully populate their boards with electronic components and secure them in place.

Class Designed PCB
Class Designed Arduino

And lastly, as students assembly their PCBs there will be a natural self-assessment of their work. Evaluation of the layout and function of the assembled PCBs providing valuable insights for design enhancements.

This iterative process enables students to refine their PCB design skills, and learn to produce electronic devices with proficiency and minimal design mistakes.

Course Dates

PCB Design
Feb 20 - March 28
2:30 - 4:30pm
T, Th
12 Sessions

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