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Innovative Curriculum for Industry Needs

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College Programs

Creative Technology

Our group teaches several courses through a local college. We are known there as the Creative Technology or CTECH group.

Click the links below to get information on courses you're interested in.


The direction for most of our robotic related programs focus on the ground level. Soldering all components and programming by hand.

Many of our projects tend to look a little "raw", but for most of our people this is a part of the appeal.


Radio Controlled Robotics

Embedded Robotics

RC Robot Car

Robotic radio controlled ground vehicle. Assisted navigation or fully autonomous.

3 inch Toothpick UAV

Sub-250 gram drone similar to what is used in the Micro UAV Systems course.

UAV Programs

Our UAV programs are a large subset of our robotics programs.


CNC Programs

Many of our courses are designed around the gcode based CNC machine concept.


DIY CNC machine

A CNC milling machine built in the Mechanical Automation Systems Engineering course.

3d printed mill vise

3D Printing

3D printing is another of our CNC based programs.


A multipart mill vise built in the second level 3d printer course, "Additive Manufacturing Materials and Assembly".

3D Design

We offer CAD courses such as CATIA and Fusion 360 as well as visual experience (VX) digital content creation software such as Blender, Krita, Inkscape and Unreal Engine.

With the burgeoning online 3d collaborative environments being created, we believe that the need for digital assets will become even greater than it already is in the coming future. We want any interested people to be in a good position to take advantage of this need.




Composite Manufacturing

We have several programs that focus on practical application of the advanced composites fabrication methods using real projects.



Building a carbon fiber sheet for a future pickleball paddle.

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