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SMD Soldering

Learn to work with Surface Mount Devices

No Prerequisites



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Course Dates

SMD Soldering
Class #42655

April 5 - April 19

SMD Soldering
Class #42660

May 3 - May 17

This is an Online Self-Paced course

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  • Learn how soldering stations work

  • How to choose good equipment

  • What makes a good electronics lab

  • Types of soldering iron tips

  • Types of solder

  • What is flux and what is it for

  • Care and maintenance of your equipment

  • Cleaning a PCB

  • Testing the circuit

  • Identifying dangerous situations

  • Building safe habits

  • Identifying component types and markings

  • Learning to use a multimeter for basic troubleshooting

  • Handling of surface mount components

  • Where to buy components

  • How are PCBs designed and manufactured

  • Wiring PCBs

  • Introduction to microcontrollers and C++ programming

This course is designed to teach students advanced soldering techniques that will enhance their skills in electronics and robotics. Many students lack experience in professional soldering, so we have created a dedicated course to focus on developing these skills. By mastering soldering, students can spend more time on core concepts in other courses and less time fixing soldering mistakes.

Hakko Solder Station

In this course, we will primarily work with surface mount components, which are smaller and more common in modern electronics. This reduction in size is important in industries like smartphones where compactness is essential.

Although soldering small components may seem intimidating, with practice, it becomes easier than soldering larger components. Being able to solder confidently is crucial in the electronics industry, where complex systems require precise connections. Spending hours troubleshooting only to find out it was a bad solder joint is not ideal.

Class PCB

By mastering soldering, students will have a valuable skill that is necessary for success in electronics-related industries.

Course Overview

Course Dates

SMD Soldering
Class #42655

April 5 - April 19

SMD Soldering
Class #42660

May 3 - May 17

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