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No Prerequisites


In Person Course

A Very Practical Composites Course

Applied Composites


Course Dates

Nothing scheduled at this point


  • Composite materials handling

  • CNC machining of base and core materials

  • Metal shaping

  • Interface preparation - cleaning and sanding

  • Core shaping

  • Core preparation

  • Composite hand layup

  • Mold and tooling preparation

  • Vacuum bagging

  • Composite cutting and drilling

  • Composite finishing - Grinding and polishing

This is a beginner level course in composite manufacturing. Students will receive hands-on training and experience in the construction of an complex composite assembly.

Each student will have a chance to complete a project from start to finish, including cutting, shaping, building the composite layers, applying resin, and vacuum bagging the product.


We can only make boards between 145cm and 164cm
We can only make regular and reverse cambers (No hybrids)

Stack of Snowboards

Here's a guide to help get started designing your graphics before class.

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Coda Boards Graphic Guide


Class Awareness

This is a hands-on course using power tools, hand tools, hazardous chemicals and materials.


All safety concerns will be addressed in class, but students should be prepared for physical labor and dress accordingly.

Sanding Machine

Course Overview

Course Dates

Nothing scheduled at this point

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You can register by phone between 9am and 4pm PDT

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Degree or Certificate: "Undecided - Professional Technical"

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Registering Online

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NOTE - All our classes fall under "Special Topics: Manufacturing".

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