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A beginner level course on UAV design and operation

Intro to UAV Tech

No Prerequisites

​In-Person Course


First Class April 23rd



(We're changing things a little)

Over the many years that we've been teaching our various UAV programs, the technology has increased greatly, and I feel that the amount of material to cover sufficiently has currently exceeded our allotted time restriction.

This has led me to break out all the beginning topics of Industrial UAV Systems and move them to the new Intro to UAV Systems. This course will not be a prerequisite to Industrial UAV Systems, but everyone should be very aware of the complexities before they skip this first course. I'm also strongly leaning toward eventually delivering Intro to UAV Tech as an online self-paced course like SMD Soldering.


I believe this will greatly help ease the learning curve for those looking to get into this industry and allow us to create more advanced courses in the futurethis

Here is how the new program might look:

  • Intro to UAV Tech

    • Building tiny whoops.

    • All transmitter and FPV systems configuration will happen here rather than in the next level courses.

    • Learn all the basics (build, config, fly).

  • Industrial UAV Systems / Micro UAV Systems

    • We'll move straight to the 5 or 3 inch multirotor build.

    • No tiny whoops, transmitter, or FPV training - this is what the Intro course is for.

    • More time can be spent on higher technical concerns.

  • Remote Aerial Service Platform

    • This already requires Industrial UAV Systems as a pre-req so not really any change here, however my hope is that students will have retained more from the previous courses and will get more out of this course.

    • With a better prepared student base we may be able to run this course more frequently.

NOTE - This doesn't affect the March 4th 2024 Industrial UAV Systems class.


Course Dates

Intro to UAV Tech
Course #42659

April 23 - May 16
5pm - 7pm
8 Sessions


  • Build a "Tiny Whoop" vehicle from components.

  • Learn to fly "in the goggles" for more controlled navigation by viewing through the onboard camera (FPV).

  • Learn the all the basic principles of FPV UAV flight control systems.

  • Learn to identify and select appropriate components for any future build..

  • Develop skills in the assembly and wiring of small UAVs.

  • Learn the basic function of BLDC motors, and electronic speed controllers.

  • Understand the FPV video system used to provide real time feed to the operator wearing the goggles.

  • Become familiarized with radio transmitter navigation and configuration.

  • Learn to modify simple flight control settings for smooth and stable operations.

  • Practice indoor flying techniques, precision maneuvering, and basic acrobatics.

  • Learn to troubleshoot common issues and perform maintenance.


Designed for beginners, this course provides hands-on experience in assembling a custom "Tiny Whoop" vehicle, configuring its components, and mastering flight controls.

Tiny Whoop

This course is a detailed introduction to building, configuring, and operating advanced multirotor vehicles, we want student to view this as an enjoyable training experience where they can have an opportunity to see what this field can offer.

* Example of a typical class build

Students will gain hands-on experience in system configuration to optimize performance and maintain stable and precise flight control.

Tiny Whoop
Whoop motor

Throughout the course, students will learn the fundamentals of multirotor mechanics, explore the various components required for small UAV builds,  and techniques for proper vehicle assembly.

Tiny Whoop - Mobula 6

By the end of this course, students will have gained the practical skills and knowledge needed to build, configure, and operate basic FPV multirotor vehicles.

Tiny Whoop

* Even vehicles this small have FPV cameras

If  you have any questions about this new course or how it affect the next levels please contact me at the college.

Tiny Whoop

Course Dates

Intro to UAV Tech
Course #42659

April 23 - May 16
5pm - 7pm
8 Sessions

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You can register by phone between 9am and 4pm PDT

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