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Radio Controlled Robotics

A beginner course in programming for remote operation

No Prerequisites

​In-Person Course


Course Dates

Radio Controlled Robotics

Radio Controlled Robotics
July 9 - Aug 15
11am - 1pm
T, Th
12 Sessions

* Class is not available to register but you can contact us to be added to the call-back list.


  • RF Technology

  • Power control

  • Microcontrollers

  • Motor Drivers

  • Signal properties and troubleshooting

  • Antenna theory

  • Remote video systems

  • Video latency

  • Small mechanical drive systems

  • Gearing and gear ratio principles

  • Soldering skills

  • Wiring layout and signal concerns

  • Dealing with sensitive electronics in harsh environments

  • Conformal coating, device potting and other protection methods

  • Electronic troubleshooting and repair

During this course, students will discover the art of customizing a ground-based vehicle platform (RC Car) to accomplish various tasks with distance, temperature, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and other crucial sensors. With a focus on C++ programming and microcontrollers, students will gain hands-on experience with Arduino development platforms

RC Robotic Vehicle

This innovative course provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills by working on an individual project tailored to their unique interests. Each student will design and construct a personalized vehicle, equipped with necessary sensors, capable of accomplishing intricate tasks.

Upon completion of this innovative course, students will possess a solid understanding of basic robotics principles, C++ programming, and the ability to create unique custom vehicles.

several robotic cars

Course Overview

Course Dates

Radio Controlled Robotics

Radio Controlled Robotics
July 9 - Aug 15
11am - 1pm
T, Th
12 Sessions

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