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A+ Computer Systems Design

Design, Build, Configure, Test, and Troubleshoot Modern Computer Systems

No Prerequisites


In Person Course


Course Dates

A+ Computer Systems Design
Class #42658

April 22 - June 3 (1 holiday)
2:30pm - 4:30pm
12 Sessions


  • Introduction to computer hardware components

    • CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard, storage devices, power supply, cooling systems, etc.

  • Overview of computer architecture and the role of each component

  • Understanding specifications and performance metrics

    • Clock speed, cores, memory, storage capacity, etc.

  • Building a computer from scratch - step-by-step guide

  • Introduction to water cooling systems and its benefits

  • Benchmark testing and performance evaluation of computer components

  • Conducting online hardware research to select components for specific requirements or budget

  • Installation and configuration of Windows operating system

  • Installation and configuration of Linux operating system

  • Troubleshooting common hardware and software issues

  • Advanced topics in computer building and maintenance

  • Hands-on lab sessions for practical experience

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of computer hardware, architecture, and benchmark testing. You'll explore water cooling systems and discover how they enhance computer performance, as well as troubleshoot hardware and software issues with precision.

You'll gain experience in computer hardware research, learning how to select components based on specifications and performance metrics, and master the installation and configuration of Windows and Linux operating systems.

watercooling a PC
Large CPU Cooler

With a focus on building your technical expertise and mastering hardware components, this course is perfect for those seeking to strengthen their computer-building skills. Develop a deep understanding of operating systems and components, and hone your skills for certification exams like CompTIA A+.

Designed for specifically for beginners, this course offers a user-friendly introduction to the world of computer design.

Older Watercooled CPU

Course Overview

Course Dates

A+ Computer Systems Design
Class #42658

April 22 - June 3 (1 holiday)
2:30pm - 4:30pm
12 Sessions

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